SexyBack is not bound by time or space or periods in history. Justin Timberlake has a look-alike from the 1870s, and the resemblance is uncanny. While the singer's doppelgänger isn't nearly as snazzy of a dresser as JT himself, their facial features and hair/beard textures are really similar. The look-alike also has a bit of a serious vibe to him; check out the furrowed brow and his intense stare.

He looks like he has a lot on his mind, whereas JT always has a loose, goofy and relaxed energy.

Still, we're transfixed by the image and wonder what he has is thinking about.

If we didn't tell you that this is a vintage photo from over 140 years ago, you might be fooled into thinking it's JT posing and making use of some serious Instagram photo editing effects.

It begs the question: Could this be a Timberlake ancestor? There has to be some shared bloodline or DNA connection.

Are you guys totally blown away by this snap? Can you tell that we are?

The pic was tweeted by History Pics, which shares images and photos from another time and place.

Below is a picture of JT so you compare his look to that of his twin from another century.

Maybe History Pics will tweet a doppelgangers of Joey Fatone or Lance Bass next!

Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images