Justin Timberlake is a triple threat -- singer, actor and 'Saturday Night Live' veteran. He has hosted the show five times and pretty much co-hosted with pal Jimmy Fallon for the Christmas episode at the end of 2013.

JT is largely regarded as one of the best 'SNL' hosts, since he has a natural comedic delivery and flair. That's why he keeps getting asked back.

In honor of his bday and his general hilarious awesomeness, we've collected some of our favorite GIFs from JT's 'SNL' appearances, skits and sketches.

Referencing himself with a wink.

Dancing with Beyonce.

Going Gaga in Liquorville.

Spinning in one of the 'Ville sketches.

'The Barry Gibb Talk Show' is a classic on so many levels.

Dickin' around with Andy Samberg. These two funny Mother Lovers...

A Cup o' Soup with big, Mickey Mouse hands + feet -- we lurve.

Induction into the Five-Timers Club.

As Elton John.

Getting all handsy.

The crew!

Livin' it up... talking about crazy, cool medallions.

And chest hair!

Playing Jessica Simpson to BFF Fallon's Nick Lachey.

That 'stache.


Crashing ex-GF Brit Brit's monologue with Ramen noodle hair.

D--k in a Box! Who doesn't want one of those?