The rapper is known for having a big head, and that very feature got him into some painfully hot water this week. Yeezy was yelling at a pack of paparazzi when he hit his head on a metal sign -- and then flipped out even more.

Ye and his baby-mama-to-be Kim Kardashian were strolling in Beverly Hills when he tried ducking to avoid the pesky paps -- and smacked his poor noggin on a sign. Kardashian rushed to his aid, and he sounded genuinely pained by the impact -- but he maintained his composure and instead of going 'HAM' on the photographers, took a deep breath or two and walked away.

Unfortunately, West's cool, calm and collected demeanor didn't last long. When paparazzi followed him to a restaurant later on, the 'Monster' rapping unleashed a string of profanities and other angry utterances at a camera man. While it initially appeared that Yeezy would really give the cameras some action to catch, he eventually regained his composure (like he did earlier) and walked away.

While the sign said "Wrong Way," it appears West handled this the right way -- or at least as best he could. Sounds like someone's maturing!

Watch Kanye West Flip Out at Paparazzi