Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel engaged in an epic Twitter battle last month, with Yeezy going nuclear in ALL CAPS after a 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' show skit that poked fun at 'Ye's BBC interview, re-enacted with cussing kids. Kimmel took 'Ye's tweet heat very lightly, and a rap war launched. Well, 'Ye visited 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last night (Oct. 9), pre-empting musical guests the Arctic Monkeys. How did it go? Is the hatchet buried?

Upon West being introduced, the formerly beefin' pair shook hands and bro hugged.

Kimmel affirmed that it was not a set up or a stunt they cooked up to help West get publicity and to stage the make up.

During their lengthy chat, Kimmel promptly pointed out that people think West is a jerk, which the host doesn't agree with. He suggested 'Ye brings things on himself with things like, you know, Twitter rants against TV hosts.

West admitted that because he "knew" Kimmel, he got super upset, since he doesn't know half the people writing about him tabloids. He said the media treats celebs as zoo animals, so when someone he was friendly with went after him with a joke, he LOST his damn mind.

Overall, it was awkward and funny.

When J. Kim replayed a bit of the clip that got Kanye mad -- kids re-enacting his BBC interview -- it got a smile out of West and the host admitted that he likes to see little kids curse, which was the most brilliant statement of the interview.

West called himself a creative genius, and while that sounded obnoxious, he said he wants to help people and expose them to cool stuff, like music and fashion, which we can appreciate.

West declared, "To say I wasn't a genius would be lying to you and to myself," which would be false humility, something wannabes learn when you get off the plane in L.A.

'Ye also giggled at the skit of crooner Josh Groban singing his tweets about conference tables and more.

West's best points came when he spoke about not being able to break into fashion, despite his vision and his obvious taste level, since he is a rapper and his girl Kim Kardashian is on a reality show, which is viewed as junk culture. Therefore, the classist line is drawn in the sand.

He said he gets signing up for the paparazzi nonsense by being a celeb, and that he doesn't mind the paps giving him press for his fresh threads, as long as they don't disrespect his family.

It was a disjointed but strangely relatable stream of consciousness discussion.

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