If Kanye West ruffled feathers with his 2016 MTV Video Music Awards speech, in which he tried to clear up the sentiment behind his controversial "Famous" video, he swears he was only trying to spread the love.

Ray J, according to TMZwas none too pleased with the mention of his name in Kanye's VMAs speech (Ray J and West's current wife, Kim Kardashian, previously dated, and made a sex tape that was leaked in 2007). But Kanye insists he meant no harm to Ray J or anyone else — in fact, he was aiming for a tone of inclusivity.

West's "Famous" included fictional mockups of Anna Wintour, Donald Trump and additional celebs naked together in a bed. The rapper shouted out to a handful of those featured during the speech.

"We're all in the same bed, I don't understand why people would get mad," Kanye told TMZ. "Just love each other, that's the whole point I wanted to make, is that we need to love each other, have a good time, appreciate our time in life, and do everything that we can to have the best time possible."

And though Kanye managed to say a mouthful in his nearly seven-minute monologue, there's still more he wish he'd gotten off his chest. More specifically, he wishes he'd addressed violence embroiling Chicago — where he was raised — more pragmatically. He said he'd start by pushing for equality in the city's school systems with a bold mandate.

"I want to do school uniforms in Chicago," he said. "Just for a starting point for eventually ending classism and bullying worldwide."

What did you make of Kanye's speech, and his proposed idea for Chicago? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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