In order to get fans even more hyped for their debut release, Karmin are dropping yet another song off of their first studio LP, appropriately titled 'Hello.' The duo, comprised of singers/musicians/real life couple Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, premiered the title track on Idolator today, and PopCrush recently caught up with them to discuss the upbeat track and why it could be their next single. 

Even though they're still promoting their latest hit 'Brokenhearted,' we asked if Karmin had a third single in mind yet, and 'Hello' is one of the songs that came up. "[Selecting a single] is one of those things where we try to leave some room for L.A. Reid to speak his mind, since he's so good at choosing," Heidemann said.

"The title track of the album is one that we really love. It's a great one to dance to, so that's a big reason we love that. It's fun to hear our songs like in the club and on the radio," she continued. "There's so many on the album that we could hear playing on the radio, like our ballad 'Coming Up Strong' is a great one [and there's a track] that Nick really loves -- a throwback hip-hop song called 'I'm Just Sayin'' that's a really great one."

In fact, Karmin are having such a hard time weeding through their new catalog of songs for a single that they may leave the choice up to listeners! "It's gonna be tough. Maybe it would be better to put the album out and let the fans choose the next single!" Heidemann said.

Noonan and Heidemann also dished on the 'Hello' tracks they like best, which are actually very different tunes. "I would say for me, either 'I Told You So' or 'I'm Just Sayin'," (the latter you can listen to that over at Rolling Stone) Noonan said of his favorite tidbits. "'I Told You So' -- actually it's the second song we performed at 'SNL' -- it's a little bit more rap heavy, kind of oppressive sonically. It's one of the most musically fun songs for me listen to. And then there's also 'I'm Just Sayin'' which has almost like a throwback hip-hop vibe, which is really fun."

Heidemann continued, "My favorite is a song called 'Coming Up Strong.' It's actually the ballad on the album and Nick sings the lead on it. Yeah, it's my favorite. It's really kind of written for couples out there -- I guess couples like us -- who go through difficult situations together and end up stronger at the end of it."

So, which song will Karmin drop as their next single? We'll just have to wait and see! For now, check out the title track off of 'Hello' below, which is an effervescent, synth-heavy jam that Idolator notes as being sonically similar to Rihanna's 'What's My Name,' while still incorporating some of Heidemann's signature flow as she raps, "Racetrack, two legs / Hollywood, big break / suck it up, intake / let me tell you how it happened real quick."

Watch the Karmin 'Hello' Lyric Video