Confession: We're a little (okay, a lot) obsessed with Kat Dahlia's new video for "I Think I'm in Love." The visual shows a relationship so heartbreakingly realistic that we couldn't help but think back on all our former loves as we watched it.

As it turns out, that realness is exactly what Kat wanted to portray in the video. She hopped on the phone with PopCrush to talk about the concept for "I Think I'm in Love," her cute co-star and what it's like to live out a fictional relationship on camera.

I’m so excited that you made a video for “I Think I’m in Love.” It’s one of my favorite songs of yours!  Can you talk about how you settled on a concept for the video? 

The treatment was [by] Sam Lecca. Her and I did the “Gangsta” video together, so her and I have a relationship. We’ve known each other for awhile, she’s kind of been a part of the process. You know, me growing as an artist. So we kind of came together and fleshed out the idea. I wanted people to see this relationship and I wanted it to feel really real. I wanted people to feel that sense of tension and love. Just that unconditional, almost friendship and beyond the friendship is really deep love. I wanted to tell a story through that and Sam kind of came up with the story with some of these … little concepts within and we kind of came up with a storyline inside of the video. We kind of made it into this little mini-movie.

I have to ask you about your hot co-star. What can you tell me about him?
So Ky [Mahone] … We just had fun. It’s funny because I’m like, “Yeah, I get to pick a dude and I get to make out with him.” So me and Sam were going through all these dudes and I’m like, it doesn’t even matter if he’s super f---ing gorgeous, I just need a dude that I can vibe with. That it’s going to feel real. I don’t really care so much about super good-looking or anything like that. I just need some dude that has a sexiness and is cool, you know? That I can have chemistry with.

For whatever reason I saw him and I’m like, “That’s the dude.” So we went though some of the other guys and he sent out a video and me and Sam were both like, “Yo, this is it.” We met and he’s honestly the coolest, nicest kid … Honestly, we just vibed and we had such a good time on set. We really did. It was just fun and he’s great to work with.

Is it awkward to kind of live out a relationship when you’re filming a video?
A little bit, sometimes. I guess the kissing scene, there’s this drone above us and we’re kissing and then there’s this drone that’s super [close], like buzzing right ahead of us. And then there’s like 15 people across the field, just staring at us while we’re flirting in the field and kissing and making out and just getting in the moment. There’s definitely moments where it’s like this … is definitely acting. But it’s still fun. Thankfully, I’m just going to be gelling and that’s another good thing about him. He’s super easy-going. We just have fun. Again, it’s just about having fun.

I really wanted people to feel the realness of it. If we did any video and it was just a really hot guy, just the typical little stuff — no, I wanted people to really, almost like they were watching something. Two people that really f---ed with each other hard and cared about each other and wanted to grow with each other. It’s hard doing that when you just met the person, but I think I knew exactly what I wanted, and I knew that I had been through the feeling before, so I knew what I wanted to portray. The relationship that I wanted to portray for the video.

I’m glad you brought up the field because the closing shot is so stunning. Where was it filmed?
We’d like to say that it was filmed in Ireland, but it really filmed an hour outside of L.A. Seriously, it is a dream. It is a dream. Literally, they shot Little House on the Prairie there. So when you see me in my Little House on the Prairie dress, that’s because they shot Little House on the Prairie there and Sleepy Hollow and stuff. I’m telling you, you would never think that you were an hour outside of one of the most hectic cities in the world. It is just so quiet and so serene and just beautiful. The green pastures. It’s just everything. The valleys. It was such a beautiful place.

We actually had trouble, weather-wise, because it kept raining and stopping and raining and stopping. We ended up getting every shot we needed and the sun came out when it had to and it ended up working out perfectly.

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