In case you haven't heard, Harry Styles wrote a song with Kodaline called "Make It Feel Right." And lucky for us, Kodaline frontman Steve Garrigan spoke to us about the track and gave us a hilarious Harry anecdote from the studio.

"What happened was [Harry] came to one of our shows and we hung out for a bit. And then we had a day off, and we stayed and chilled out," Steve explained. "We wrote a song together and that was it. I mean, it was more [for] fun, we left it at that. It may be used, but I don't think we'd use it.

"He came up with a picture of us, which was pretty fantastic," Steve revealed, at the memory of Harry drawing all of the guys as "little stick men." (You can check out Harry Styles' piece de resistance here.)

Well, it also turns out that Harry passed out on the studio couch for a few hours (hey, it was crazy late at night/super early in the morning!) And even though the guys of Kodaline didn't take the totally opportune time to draw on his face or prank him in an equally hilarious way, they did reveal that he was basically the Hamburglar.

"He wanted to eat healthy, so when he fell asleep we got In-N-Out Burger and we didn't think he'd wake up. But he woke up, and we think he smelled the burger," Steve told us. (So, Harry, who was awoken up the smell of a wafting burger, is pretty much a cartoon character.) "And then he took a bite of the burger. He stole one of the burgers." And there you have it, Directioners. Harry Styles: Burger thief and possibly Jughead from the comics.

For more from our exclusive interview with Kodaline's Steve Garrigan — including details about the band's upcoming new album Coming Up for Air (including Steve's favorite lyrics and songs) -- be sure to keep it here on PopCrush.

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