Two of our faves – One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles and Irish pop-rock band Kodaline—have joined forces. And there is photographic evidence… sort of.

Hazza, who has been spending quite a bit of time in L.A., but not because he is/was dating Kendall Jenner, remains a busy boy. In addition to working with John Legend, he is working in the studio with Kodaline on the West Coast. According to the band, they are writing a tune together.

Hazza had previously been seen at some of the bands gigs and now they are putting their heads together in a creative capacity, it seems.

The band tweeted this photo from the studio, featuring Hazza's stick figure drawing of the band and himself. Check out that flawless penmanship and those straight lines. Yet another area where Hazza is perfecto!

But in all seriousness, we are not quite sure what exactly Styles and Kodaline are working on and where the end result will land, if anywhere. But we are more than thrilled at the notion of them getting together and coming up with something MASSIVE!

See the tweet/stick figure drawing below.