Kat DeLuna wants to make move your body on 'Drop It Low,' a dance song from her upcoming album 'Viva.'

DeLuna sings in English and Spanish about getting down on the dance floor:

"Turn around, keep it coming for more-a / Break a sweat, he’ll be back in for more-a / Hold my body like a Coca Cola / Move your body, baby take me ahora."

The song is rumored to be produced by RedOne, but the song isn't up to his usual high standard. Though the electronic bloops are appealing, there's little else going on here. "Drop it low, pop it up, pop it up, turn around," isn't the catchiest hook in the world, and the song is just lacking something to take it to the next level.

Perhaps a guest rap verse would liven up the song. We know, pretty much every song these days features a rapper, but in this case it might provide the spark that's missing from a decent, but not great track.

DeLuna has a reliable track record of dance club hits, so we have high hopes for the rest of the album. 'Drop it Low' first surfaced on DeLuna's international-only release 'Inside Out,' which is being re-worked for the American album that will be called 'Viva.'


Listen to Kat DeLuna's 'Drop It Low'