June is right around the corner, and that means the race to declare song of the summer is heating up. This year, Kat DeLuna has a strong contender with her new single "Bum Bum," which dropped in March. Featuring The Panty Dropper himself Trey Songz and some serious Shaggy vibes, the track boldly reps old-school reggae and R&B but with a spotless pop sheen.

"It's paying homage to those who came before," Kat exclusively told us when she visited PopCrush HQ. Those influences include Sister Nancy — legendary dancehall artist, whose '80s hit "Bam Bam" lends Kat's 2015 track those infectious opening horn honks — and of course Shaggy's 2000 chart-topper "It Wasn't Me," which inspired the hook.

Kat also told us that her new album — tentatively titled Viva Out Loud — is due out this fall!

"I had fun making the album, I took my time making the album — everyone knows that, even my DeLunatics, whom I love, my fan army!" she said. "I finally have a project that I'm like, 'All me!' I'm so happy. From the words to the specific beats to the inspirations, we really thought about it."

Viva Out Loud will be her (too-long-in-the-making!) third full-length effort, following her 2007 debut 9 Lives and its 2010 follow-up Inside Out.

Kat also shared her feelings about Shaggy and told us what inspired her crazy long Rapunzel braid and the single's très risqué — but completely apropos — "Bum Bum" single art. Check it out in the video above!