Kat DeLuna shows off her dance moves in the music video for 'Drop It Low', a song expected to appear on her upcoming 'Viva' album.

The video is set in an intimidating room surrounded by a chain link fence. At first it feels like a Gladiator-style environment, with large groups of people sizing each other up, but it turns out they're all here for an informal dance battle.

As DeLuna sings, "Shake your booty, make it pow, pow, pow / Turn around, keep it coming for more-a," she does exactly that, showing off her assets in Daisy Dukes and a tight red swimsuit. She also leads a group of dancers in a black and white dance sequence that looks like an homage to Beyonce.

We lost count of how many outfits DeLuna wears during the five-minute clip. At different points she sports an American flag sarong, a sequin dress, leather pants, a red motorcycle helmet and a colorful, tropical-looking button-down shirt.

When DeLuna gets her turn in the center of the floor, 'Drop It Low' is replaced by more fast-paced Latin music. Then back comes the familiar sound of 'Drop It Low,' and the dancing resumes. It looks like the party might go all night, and the video fades out with the words, "To be continued in Sao Paulo."

Watch the Kat Deluna 'Drop It Low' Video