With Fuller House en route to Netflix and a new X-Files installation on the way, a casual TV viewer in 2015 might swear he'd traveled back in time to the 1990s. But will the decade's most formative teen drama follow the reboot-trend?

Katie Holmes, who played the resolute, razor-sharp Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003, sat down with Yahoo Style Editor in Chief Joe Zee for the latest episode of Zee's "Style Session," and between musings on what's in Katie's closet and why she's got a healthy obsession with socks, Zee asked the question that's on any reasonable Creek fan's mind: Will we get more from Capeside, Massachusetts' finest?

"I don't know, does it work today?" Holmes asked. "I don't want them to grow up. You know, it's kind of like your parents—they never get out of their fifties. That's where they are."

And though The Kennedys star was firm on the fact that a potential revival is completely up in the air, she said she never doubted that Dawson's Creek had real potential.

"We just did it, we all enjoyed it, it was of a certain time," she noted. "It was pre-internet. There was an innocence there."

Evidently, innocence leads to lasting friendship, and Holmes confirmed that she and her former co-stars are still as thick as thieves.

"I just saw Michelle [Williams] in Cabaret, she was amazing," the actress said. "We all run into each other now and then."

Would you tune in to a Dawson's Creek reboot? Check out a particularly memorable scene below.