Kelly Clarkson appears in a new video from DoSomething.Org and the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, announcing a Battle for the Bands contest! Viewers can basically win prizes by creating videos explaining why music education is so important to them.

"Every year, music programs are cut from schools all around the country," Clarkson says in the public service announcement. "But if music hadn't been so important in my school, I probably wouldn't be standing here right now."

The contest solicits original music videos, parody videos, and spoken word testimonials in support of music education. Users upload their files at Do Something, and the top 10 vote-getters will be judged by a panel of experts based on the strength of their message and their creativity. Entries must be submitted from March 1 to April 12, which leaves plenty of time to start planning.

"Make a video about why music is so important to you and we'll share it with Washington, D.C. bigwigs so no one messes with your school's music budget," Clarkson says, striking a martial arts pose.

The winners may receive funding for their school's music program, tickets to a concert of their choice, musical instruments and scholarships.

Watch Kelly Clarkson's 'Do Something' Video