Kelly Clarkson is known for her flawless covers, and she's added another one to her repertoire. During a visit to SiriusXM on Wednesday (March 18), Clarkson put a bluesy twist on Tracy Chapman's super soulful 1995 jam "Give Me One Reason."

Complete with gritty growls and sweet high notes, Kelly's version will give you chills — especially around the 45-second mark when she really opens up the song accompanied by stripped-down guitar and organ.

The "Since U Been Gone" singer recently sat down with PopCrush Nights host Lisa Paige and talked about how her fans absolutely demand she cover certain songs — one by Adele in particular.

"I got Adele a ton — like, [the fans] would not get off of me!" Kelly remembered. "And I love her songs, I was just trying to give it some room. You know, 'Someone Like You' had just come out! I didn’t want to do it when it just came out!"


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