Kelly Clarkson's team is struggling on 'Duets.' Both of her teammates -- Jason Farol and Jordan Meredith -- often land in the bottom of the judge's voting. On tonight's episode (June 7), which will feature the very first elimination of the brand new series, Clarkson and Farol teamed up with Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah.'

It's a gorgeous song that is bolstered by currents of simplicity and power, and it's tough to tackle. We're glad to report that it was Farol's most memorable performance on the show thus far. While there have only been three weeks of performances, he tended to be a bit forgettable every time.

This time out, he finally connected with Clarkson, an element that was lacking during prior performances. It was revealed that at first, his parents were not supportive of this endeavor, which was weighing on his mind and perhaps detracting from the matter at hand, which is performing. However, his parents have changed their tune and are allowing him to sing his.

He still ended up in the bottom, but was rescued from elimination by his coaches' rankings.

Watch Jason Farol + Kelly Clarkson Perform 'Hallelujah' on 'Duets'