A fan got a rude awakening when he tried to kiss Keri Hilson during her recent concert in Paris. While the R&B songbird was wrapping up her show, a male fan came out of nowhere and grabbed the singer for a smooch, which resulted in him getting a vicious beatdown by her security team. Luckily for us, it was all caught on video.

The YouTube clip begins with Hilson performing the final song of the night, 'All the Boys,' as she tells the audience that her latest album 'No Boys Allowed' is not about "bashing men" but empowering women to find the right man. Things go terribly wrong at the 3:37 mark, when a male fan suddenly appears onstage to give Hilson a kiss. Within seconds, a security guard grabs the man, while another one punches him in the head, which knocks him to ground.

Meanwhile, a dazed and confused Hilson tells her security team to "leave him alone, he just wants another kiss" while security continues to wrestle with the man. "I love you, too," Hilson says to the fan.

Let this be a fair warning to you zealous fans out there, never jump onstage when an artist is performing, the outcome will not be good. Although Paris is known as the City of Love, we don't think Hilson was expecting that kind of love from a fan. And we are quite sure he is having a tremendous headache right now.

Check out the amazing footage below:

Watch A Keri Hilson Fan Getting Pummeled On Stage