If singer Kerli sounds new to you, she might be -- but she's not new to the music scene. An active songwriter since 2002, Kerli took to the stage on 'Dancing With the Stars' tonight (April 16) to perform her latest single, 'Love Me or Leave Me,' making her the first EDM artist to ever do so.

Despite being an EDM performer (now, at least -- she's been through a few reincarnations), Kerli 'Love Me or Leave Me' is actually a heartfelt ballad. Sitting at a piano on a rotating platform, Kerli's performance was an understated one -- the real stars here were the dancers. The duo started atop the very piano where she played, then made their way across and all around the stage, hogging the spotlight -- but the victory was all Kerli's, because the Estonian songstress is finally getting the recognition she's strived for for over a decade.