Both Kesha and the Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne have been gushing about their collaborations for months. Snippets of Coyne and Kesha's other collaboration, 'You Control My Heart,' were released earlier this week, and today we finally get to hear another song in full!

Kesha guests with Biz Markie on the Flaming Lips track '2012 (You Must Be Upgraded),' in which she, now somewhat infamously, sings about "dropping acid at the end of the world." The song opens with Kesha singing some words we are too polite to reprint here before using her trademark rap-singing. "It's 2012 / Think we're going to Hell / Put me under your acid spell / I want my mind to be completely toast / Time to destroy the whole west coast."

Coyne described '2012' pretty accurately. “It’s exactly what people would think a Kesha/Flaming Lips track would sound like,” Coyne said. “It’s obnoxious and funny … She was really into this idea of doing a song about the year 2012 and doomsday and what’s going to happen,” he dished. "Her section of the song is very optimistic – she’s singing about the end of the world, but she’s also on ten hits of acid, so she’s having a good time – and my section is completely f—ed up.”

The track has a very garage feel to it, and K-Dollar-Sign's raw vocals add to that quality. It's also, appropriately enough, pretty trippy. The song is on the Flaming Lips' 'The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends,' available today in celebration of Record Store Day.

Listen to the Flaming Lips Feat. Kesha, '2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)'