When you gotta go, you gotta go. In a display of unladylike but necessary behavior, our favorite pop star rebel Kesha peed in the street, blaming traffic for her actions. It's always traffic. What's more is that Kesha didn't just tweet about her behavior. She also shared a PG-rated photo of it and even playfully goaded the authorities to track her down for her behavior.

In the shot, Kesha, wearing black pants and a hot pink hoodie, is squatting. You can't really see her face or her bottom either. But you can tell that she's, uh, going! Perhaps that's a good thing, since this image could be considered evidence if, as she points out, the cops come after her for urinating in public, which often carries a fine!

While Kesha sharing a shot of herself taking a leak in the street is funny, it also reminds us that in this day and age, celebs share everything with their fans. However, it's not like the 'Tik Tok' singer shared a pic of her going in the bathroom. That'd be over-sharing or TMI. In this case, anyone on the street could have seen her relieving herself, so why not let the rest of the world (or at least her Twitter following) view it, too?

Below is Kesha's tweet from the street. Hope she had some anti-bac sanitizer handy!

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