Clearly, Keyshia Cole is not a fan of Beyonce. She threw some serious shade at Queen Bey over the track 'Bow Down,' which was spontaneously released over the weekend. In the song, Bey asserts herself and demands, "Bow down b----es" and that sent Cole on a Twitter tirade.

We're not sure what inspired Cole to go off other than maybe she just hates Beyonce and thinks she is a hypocrite for talking about empowering women and then telling 'em to bow down. Perhaps Cole did not consider that the "b-----es" Bey sings about aren't women.

She tweeted:

When one of Bey's stans came to her rescue, saying something about unity, to which Cole posted there was none to begin with.

So there is no bond between her and Bey.

When someone said she was a hater, she denied that, too.

Hmmm, we dunno, but that sounds like some hate to us. Maybe Cole was looking to arouse some interest in her career?

Listen to Beyonce 'Bow Down B----es' / 'I Been On'