Keeping Up With The Kardashians' most painfully stark season yet (fans are still reeling over the aftermath of the infamous Paris robbery) extended its take-no-prisoners tone last night (April 9), when an episode aired footage from November 2016 that featured Kim Kardashian getting news her husband Kanye West had been hospitalized.

Season 13's fifth episode wrapped up with Kim getting a call from a friend. The conversation's context wasn't immediately clear, but fans knew it was in reference to West's breakdown, which came coupled with his tour's cancellation and extensive medical treatment.

"Why, what's going on?" Kim says after picking up her phone in the clip above. Suddenly, her expression and tone change, and out of nowhere, she doubles over, sobbing. "What's wrong? I can't," she adds as her sisters look on, stunned.

West was hospitalized on November 21 following a series of bizarre on-stage proclamations and, ultimately, the cancellation of more than 21 tour dates. A mixture of exhaustion and depression over the anniversary of his mother's death reportedly contributed to his break. Still, there was never an official statement from West or his family.

The rapper was released from the hospital on November 30 under doctor's care.

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