Kim Kardashian and Kanye West held their pre-wedding rehearsal dinner at the historic Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France and while some details of what happened during the evening have already been revealed, photos from inside the event have now emerged online. 

The evening was a lavish display of luxury and class, as six hundred guests arrived at the chateau and were transported via private vehicles to the entrance. According to Vogue (via Us Weekly), each guest was given his or her own personal security and chauffeur.

The wedding party took place in the famous Hall of Mirrors as guests were treated to an orchestra, as shown here by celebrity guest Rachel Roy.

E! News reports that the food served consisted of wild salmon and rice, with tiered cakes decorated with macaroons added for dessert.

Lana Del Rey was hired by Kim and Kanye to perform at the wedding but according to Us Weekly, she arrived late, which led the rapper to make an impromptu speech to fill time. "It's amazing to look around this room, there are so many talented people," Kanye reportedly said. "And beautiful people," added Kim. Kanye was quick to respond, "Yeah, but Kim's way more beautiful than I am talented." Aww!

The 'Young and Beautiful' singer did eventually arrive wearing a stunning gold dress and performed for the attendees and posed for a picture with Kim's family. Fashion icon Giancarlo Giammetti posted the following photos on Instagram showing a happy Kanye and Kim taking the mic, as well as a few of Lana at the celebration.

Today (May 24), the guests are arriving at Florence, Italy for the actual wedding ceremony. Stay tuned to PopCrush for all the latest news from the wedding of the year!