#KimKardashian problems. The reality star had an wardrobe malfunction on her way to her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show. And she had nothing else to wear. So she asked fans for help choosing an outfit. Tough life, huh?

"I got it tailored and it completely did not fit, and I had to figure out something last minute and I'm all packed to go to Paris and I have nothing so I put it together quickly. It was a good lesson," the TV star said.

Wait, Kim doesn't have a closet full of clothes and outfit backups?

She also spoke about daughter North's personality, saying the baby, 7 months, is "calm and quiet." Kimmy also said she wants a million kids after having North, but she did not like the condition of being pregnant. "It was not a good experience for me," Kim admitted.

She said anyone who says being preggers is beautiful is beautiful is lying. She had medical issues, like preeclampsia, and she gained weight.

She also revealed that Kanye West is a great dad but that he doesn't change diapers. Uh, wow. That's a pretty telling reveal. All dads change diapers. Whattup with dat? Kim, however, said that she bonds with her daughter while she is on the changing table.

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