It's no secret that Kylie Minogue is absolutely fabulous, in every sense of the word. But now the Australian pop star is positively Absolutely Fabulous... as in, the TV show and forthcoming film, darling!

The singer has recorded a euphoric rendition of the BBC series' theme song, "This Wheel's on Fire," originally performed by Julie Driscoll and Adrian Edmondson and itself a cover of Bob Dylan's 1975 classic folk-rock tune. The theme gets a disco-charged makeover under Kylie's capable wings, with jazzy guitars traded for throbbing discotheque beats, swirling synths and the pop icon's angelic, flirty vocals.

"No man alive will come to you / With another tale to tell / But you know that we shall meet again / If your memory serves you well," she coos on the track, over a bouncy electronic riff reminiscent of "2 Hearts." (In fact, the cover wouldn't sound at all out of place on X, the diva's underrated 2007 electro-glam album.)

"As a huge fan of the Ab Fab series and both Jennifer [Saunders] and Joanna [Lumley], I’m over the moon to be singing the theme song," Kylie reportedly told The Sun about collaborating on music for the film, out July 1.

According to the tabloid, artists like Palmoa Faith and La Roux have also recorded songs for the soundtrack, but let's face it: This one's already got us "Spinning Around."

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