A few weeks ago, Kylie Minogue released her long-awaited Christmas album Kylie Christmas, an album that is equal parts joyous, sentimental, and campy—all in typical Kylie style. Two singles have been released thus far: "Only You," a duet featuring James Corden, and "100 Degrees," another duet, this time featuring her sister Dannii and channeling some serious Fever-era disco vibes.

Aside from those two singles, though, one of Kylie Christmas' biggest standout tracks is the Chris Martin-penned and StarGate-produced "Every Day's Like Christmas." The track is one of three original songs on the standard edition, and it's a midtempo that combines synths and balladry in a way that could feel right at home (for the holidays?) on Kiss Me Once, Minogue's latest non-Christmas LP. The only explicit reference to the holiday in the song (which is where it gets its title) is in the chorus, when Minogue sweetly admits, "Until you, everyday was ordinary / Now every day's like Christmas."

And now "Every Day's Like Christmas" has received the remix treatment from a trio of famous producers: Stock, Aitken, and Waterman, who, as reported by PopJustice, were responsible for 70 Top 10 hits in the span of approximately five years. The trio's new remix marks their first single release in nearly 25 years.

So did the original version of "Every Day's Like Christmas" leave you wanting a bit more disco? Leave you wanting to feel a bit more bouncy, exuberant, or joyous? Make you wonder what the track might sound like if the Pet Shop Boys tinkered with it?

The Stock Aitken Waterman remix will answer all those questions and make good on all those promises.

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