The track listing to the new Lady Gaga album 'Born This Way' hasn't been entirely confirmed as of yet; however, over the past couple of months, Gaga has revealed information on some of the album's tracks. 'Born This Way' is expected to contain 14 songs on the regular edition of the studio album, and the deluxe edition of the LP will feature 17 tracks.

Lady Gaga has already released two singles from 'Born This Way,' including the album's title track and her all-new single, the controversial religious song 'Judas.' The singer has also released a lyric teaser for her song 'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)' on her Twitter page. She writes, "Get your hot rods ready to rumble, cause' we're gonna drink until we die."

Some other tracks that have been previewed are a remixed version of 'Government Hooker' and 'You and I,' which Gaga recently added to her setlist on her Monster Ball tour. In addition to these tracks, Rolling Stone confirmed that 'Edge of Glory' features Bruce Springsteen's saxophonist, Clarence Clemens.

Although the order of the track listing is not confirmed, we have a pretty good feeling that all 11 of these songs will be on it. Keep checking in with PopCrush for all of the latest updates on 'Born This Way' and Lady Gaga.

'Born This Way' Track Listing (So Far)
'Bad Kids'
'Born This Way'
'Edge of Glory'
'Government Hooker'
'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)'
'Marry the Night'
'You and I'