Lady Gaga is an outspoken opponent of bullying, yet if you believe a company she is embroiled in a lawsuit with, she apparently has bullying tendencies herself. The Mother Monster is being accused of bullying the family that runs Gaga Pure Platinum, a cosmetics company, with a lawsuit. What gives?

Gaga Pure Platinum -- the company -- launched back in 2000, well before Stefani Germanotta adopted her now-famous persona and became her ladyship. The Village Voice reports that staffer Michael Musto received an email from GPP, claiming that Gaga is trying to wrest the trademark away from them forcibly. She is suing them so that she can federally trademark her name. She has been denied by the government twice, and she is not stoked about it.

Musto received an email that read as follows:

Lady Gaga (Ate My Heart, Inc /Stefani Germanotta) is a bully and suing the family business that owns the 12-year-old registered trademark brand Gaga Pure Platinum cosmetics because she can't get a federal trademark registration, after being blocked registration twice.

Gaga Pure Platinum was created and has existed since 2000 and to try to get what she wants, with no regard to who she hurts, she is trying to steal the Gaga registered trademark from Gaga Pure Platinum with a lawsuit. Lady Gaga doesn't own any trademark rights to Gaga in cosmetics because Gaga Pure Platinum cosmetics owns it and trademarked it when Stefani Germanotta was 14-years-old, long before Lady Gaga came into existence.

So much for her anti bullying campaigns because she is bullying a family business and her tactic is to lie by using fraudulent, baseless and groundless claims in federal trademark court so she can bully them with her fame....Looks like she's living up to her self proclaimed title of 'mother monster' and has proven to be a total hypocrite. Once again she has copied yet another artist that came before her, Gaga Pure Platinum.

All the public information is available at this link.

Gaga's reps responded to the Voice's request for comment, saying, "Lady Gaga and her companies respect intellectual property and would never infringe on anyone's rights. But this particular trademark hasn't been used in what appears to be years. In fact, Lady Gaga's counsel tried several times to speak to the original owners about their alleged use of their mark in an effort to find a way to amicably coexist. There was never a response."

Ah, not so fast, say the people at Gaga Pure Premium. The trademark is not dormant as Gaga's peeps claim. She reportedly never extended an olive branch to try and sort this out, either.

"The Gaga Pure Platinum trademark has been and continues to be in use," a representative responded. "Lady Gaga's counsel never contacted Gaga Pure Platinum nor did we ever receive any communication from Lady Gaga nor it's representatives. No effort to communicate was ever made, only a court action."

We must say that we've never heard of Gaga Pure Platinum. It's not like it's on the Sephora shelves. But if they own it, they own it.

Team Gaga or Team Gaga Pure Platinum, readers?

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