Lady Gaga sat in on 'The View' panel this morning, chatting it up with Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the AM gabfest. While Gaga was game to talk about fashion and fame, the most poignant thing she said regarding herself was that her strong Italian background helps her deal with 'The Fame.'

As is customary in this sewing circle of a show, everything from the carcinogenic nature of hot dogs to gay marriage to Hillary Clinton's hemlines was discussed.

Gaga, who looked edgily classic in a black and white checked houndstooth suit, commented on the passing of Amy Winehouse and how it relates to her, saying that the "lesson" in all of this is to "be kinder to the superstar." Walters pointed out that Winehouse was only two years older than the 25-year-old Gaga and that she dealt with a similar level of fame. Babs congratulated Gaga on handling her fame well and the Mother Monster did acknowledge some of the trappings of fame, saying, "It's a very lonely life. You can't enjoy listening to someone sing sad songs about heartbreak and not expect them to be truly heartbroken or expect something different from them."

Gaga also repeatedly referenced her Italian heritage, saying that while fame can be lonely, her background is like a warm blanket of comfort and that she is at the point where she wants to see less of the world and more of her friends. "As a strong, Italian female, I don't feel I necessarily need to be entertained," Gaga admitted. "I cook, [and] write music." She also makes a mean meatball, suggesting that she and Behar should engaged in a "metaball off" to see whose is more suited for a plate of spaghetti.

Here are some more of Gaga's revealing statements during her time on 'The View.'

On her past doing hard drugs:
"I was embarrassed. My dad called me out. I don't do any hard drugs anymore. I am a part of the green club sometimes. My dad was like, 'I know what you're doing. I did it and I lost everything that I ever had while I did it.' He shared his life story and his struggle with me."

On her advice to her little monsters when it comes to drugs:
"I want them to be healthy and happy. There is a way to be recreational and young and rebellious and have a good time and not hurt yourself."

On the late, great Clarence Clemons:
"We had six months of good friendship and it was important to me that he and I were the only two in that video," Gaga said about the saxophonist and 'The Edge of Glory' collaborator.

On her dietary preferences:
"I'm an Italian, so I am a meat eater. We don't really have a choice. We eat what they put in front of us."

On Hillary Clinton's oft-criticized personal style:
"She has more important things to worry about than her hemline. I certainly only care about my hemline, but she doesn't," Gaga reasoned.

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