What in the world is Lady Gaga up to?

The pop star and actress surprised fans on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon (August 28) when she uploaded a series of three nude and semi-nude photos.

The grainy images, taken by photographer and cinematographer Eli Russell Linnetz, who directed Kanye West's infamous "Famous" music video, feature Gaga pulling up pantyhose over her legs, as well as posing seemingly topless against a wall. (She's actually wearing a nude stick-on strapless bra in the photo.)

See below:

It's unclear what the images are for as the captions were left blank on each upload, aside from Linnetz's credit as the photographer. However, it's possible that the set was taken in promotion for either Gaga's upcoming Las Vegas headlining residency, Enigma, or perhaps for her role in Bradley Cooper's forthcoming remake of A Star Is Born, in which the singer stars as the lead opposite Cooper.

More hopefully, they could potentially be a hint of what's to come from Gaga's sixth studio album, or her rumored appearance in the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

They're also not the first images Gaga and Linnetz have collaborated on: Just two weeks ago, the pair released a series of trippy black-and-white images that had Little Monsters talking on social media.

We're not really sure what exactly the pop star has up her sleeve, but color us intrigued.

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