Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are two of pop music's most active Twitter users, sharing an endless amount of awesome photos and constantly giving love to their fans. Both of these women utilize Twitter to its full potential, using the social networking site to make official announcements, connect with fans, and share advice with those who need it. So, out of Gaga and Miley, who is more fun to follow on Twitter?

Little monsters can basically follow Gaga's every move thanks to Twitter, as she constantly updates them on her whereabouts and what she's been doing. For example, earlier today, she wrote, "off to VIENNA! I'm so excited. Romania was a beautiful "little paris" and i can't wait for the next city!" She also shared a picture that one of her loyal fans drew her, showering her listeners with words of affection by writing, "Check out amazing drawing! i love my fans.@LouisVuitton."

Meanwhile, like Gaga, Miley Cyrus also gives her fans tons of love through Twitter. She also tweets photos of herself in her favorite outfits and shares pictures of her and soon-to-be hubby Liam Hemsworth chilling with their pack of dogs (seriously, they have A LOT of dogs). Earlier this week, Miley also shared some big news through Twitter after she cut all of hair off into a pixie 'do.

It's really great that both of these ladies let the Twittersphere into their personal lives, but whose tweets really brighten up your day? Check out Lady Gaga's official Twitter page and then take a peak at Miley Cyrus' official Twitter page, and be sure to vote for the most fun tweeter below!

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