Oh Lana Del Rey, what are we going to do with you? For someone whose been in the background for most of her 'Born to Die' singing career, the girl sure is making a name for herself now.

The singer can add another campaign to her laundry list of advertisements as of late. First, she became the face of H+M's fall line -- and though the pictures from the line look as though she could care less to be there, they really are beautiful shots. She also appears in H+M's newest commercial singing a hauntingly gorgeous cover of 'Blue Velvet,' and now, the singer has given the OK for Jaguar to use her song 'Burning Desire' in their upcoming ad for the Jaguar F-TYPE convertible.

Is it us or does LDR sure knows how to pick the right companies? The girl's on fire as of late!

But not only did she give her permission for her song to be used, she was on hand at the vehicle's global launch party in Paris to perform 'Burning Desire' live, and seductively posed with the shiny car. Try coming to a conclusion as to which is hotter: the car or Lana Del Rey. Good luck with that.

Most likely, she's hard at work promoting her upcoming album 'Born to Die: Paradise Edition,' a re-release that will include the original album's 12 track and three bonus songs, and will also contain nine previously unheard  tracks.

Keep an eye out for 'Born to Die: Paradise Edition' later this fall.


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