Lana Del Rey became famous for her song, 'Video Games,' and now she's been turned into an actual video game. The track inspired an artist named Leeni to compose an 8-bit cover of the tune, complete with video, on her Gameboy.The video features clips from several classic games with a focus on Barbie, perhaps a tip of the hat to Del Rey's pinup looks. Along with footage of the iconic blonde doll, there's an emphasis on palm trees and cameos from 'The Legend of Zelda,' as well as from surfing and skateboarding games.

The song is pretty true to the original until about midway through, when Leeni gives it a dance mix. She juxtapositions the faster tempo with images of Barbie dancing with maracas and more racing game footage. Depending on your tastes, you may like this even better than the real thing!

The song is part of a compilation by Leeni, who's made a name for herself by creating 8-bit music. Her latest project, 'Headphones on Your Heart,' is available for download on her bandcamp page. For a $5.00 donation, fans can download her latest six-song EP, with all proceeds going to suicide prevention programs. We raise our controllers to that!

Watch Leeni's 8-bit Cover Video of 'Video Games'