Lana Del Rey is stunning, and in her British GQ spread, she takes that to a literal level. While we already know she gets naked on the cover, the sultry starlet strips down to revealing garb -- sometimes nothing but jewels and lipstick -- in the mag's pages, but she reveals more than her bod. She also opens up about her struggle with alcohol addiction.

The spread features Del Rey in various risque poses that we won't show you here -- one in which she appears to be enjoying her own company quite a bit, another in which a man gropes her from behind. In others, it's just Del Rey solo, rocking red lipstick and an array of poses that likely come naturally to the photogenic cover queen.

More interesting than the photos? Her interview, in which she chats openly about her alcoholism (she's also been rumored to have been addicted to methamphetamine previously, but she doesn't address this). "It's been nine years since my last drink," Del Rey says. "That's really why I got sent to boarding school aged 14 -- to get sober."

Del Rey's sobriety actually inspires a lot of her songwriting in ways many wouldn't expect. "A lot of the time when I write about the person that I love, I feel like I'm writing about New York," she admits. "And when I write about the thing that I've lost I feel like I'm writing about alcohol because that was the first love of my life. Sure, there have been people, but it's really alcohol."

The 'Video Games' singer is always happy when fans reach out to say that her music has moved them, which is evident in her warm interactions with them. "Just to have someone acknowledge the material I write is incredibly touching," she told the men's mag, still in awe of her fame and reception. "It's an affirmation of sorts. I just didn't think that this was going to happen. Not any of it."