Did Lana Del Rey record like 9,000 songs? Yet another song from her seemingly bottomless vaults has leaked in the form of 'Backfire.' We're unsure if it's from the upcoming re-release of her debut 'Born to Die,' or if it was something she cut for the album that didn't make it. Maybe it was just merely a demo track? Who knows.

At this point, there's enough leaked, lost (and then found) and previously unheard Lana Del Rey tracks that she could issue a double album and still have leftovers. At least she's prolific.

As for the beat-driven, EDM-lite 'Backfire,' it's not as kitten-like as much of 'Born to Die.' There's slightly less purr, less sultry smokiness and more sweet pop. It sorta sounds like what we'd expect an LDR feature on a soft spinning DJ's album to sound like.

It's a different side of Lana and the song gives no indication of when it was 'Born' or where it will go to 'Die.' And by 'Die' we mean we can't quite tell if it will be tacked onto the 'Paradise' edition of the album which is set for a November release.

Take a listen to the song and tell us what you think, PopCrushers. As for other recent leaks? Her savvy web team yanks them down eventually, so listen while you can, guys.