Lana Del Rey blooms on the September cover of the German edition of Glamour. She's a flower girl, with rich, red floral hair appendages. It's very similar to the 'National Anthem' singer's French Glamour cover from earlier this year, which was similar to her British Vogue cover. A-ha! As you can see, this look is familiar since these are recycled photos.

Del Rey is mostly serious...most of the time, hardly ever showing a playful side or a sense of humor. This cover isn't much different. She looks like the pouty sex kitten, the image of which she has carefully crafted, completed with dagger nails and a multi-finger ring. Doesn't she look like she is purring and ready to let out a "meow?" She's such a feline.

There is an inside image, however, that lets us see the slightly devilish and delightful LDR. She's sticking her tongue out and looks like she could be a hellraiser.

Del Rey has racked up quite a few covers this year, despite having dealt with near-constant and usually brutal criticism of her singing ability (they say she lacks it) and her stage presence (also lacking, although we like that she saunters only a bit when performing, tossing her hair the entire time!)

Watch the Lana Del Rey 'National Anthem' Video