My, how the Lana Del Rey press kit and media portfolio keeps growing. The oft-criticized singer may have her share of detractors regarding her voice and her music, but the fashion community fawns all over her. Del Rey has scored another cover, this time for the May issue of the French edition of Glamour. Yes, these shots should look familiar to you, as they are outtakes from her British Vogue cover, where she looks healthy and vibrant in blush, pink and red tones.

Wearing derriere-hugging, silvery boy shots, a frilly, sheer pink top, satin ribboned heels that look like Christmas bows you want to untie, LDR is kneeling on a gothic, red velvet chair while looking over her shoulder. It's a sultry, pouty shot, something the 'Video Games' singer excels at. France (namely Paris) is one of the fashion epicenters of the world, so this cover is major coup for Del Rey, who also has a modeling contract. She is a leggy and long-limbed with a slim figure, which makes her easy for design houses to dress.

It's quite interesting that LDR is consistently trashed for her singing and performance style, yet she keeps appearing on the cover of prestigious magazines. Del Rey certainly has an exotic look, but she's not a typical model or conventionally pretty. Perhaps it's that uniqueness, combined with her distance, that makes her such a compelling cover subject.

We've said before that Del Rey's immobile performance style doesn’t mean she sucks, yet so many people run with that and use it to take her down.

Whatever the case, she continues win over editors at women's interest magazines, so her 15 minutes are certainly well-extended. We're more interested in why she is vilified by one sector of the press (music) and heartily celebrated by another (fashion.)

What's your take, PopCrush readers?