If politics is a nuanced game, Lana Del Rey is making her stance, conversely, very clear: If you don't like that she's critical of Donald Trump's presidential administration, she doesn't care if she loses you as a fan.

In a new interview with ComplexDel Rey, whose new Lust for Life doesn't shy away from politics, says she'll never sacrifice her art or points of view for the sake of commercialism, and delivers her creed with a perfectly cutting laugh.

"I think you just don't negotiate when it comes to your work or your art, you just stand totally firm and take the consequences," she said. "In terms of losing fans, I don't care. Period."

Conversely, Del Rey said Barack Obama's administration ushered in a very different feeling of inclusion during which she didn't need to explore these types of divisions. Since then, she's had to explore her own politics more deeply, she said.

“On the last records I needed to look inward to figure out why things had gone so far down one path, and then I kind of came to the end of my self-examination and I naturally was looking at everything else,” she said. “Also, with Obama as the president, me and everybody I know, I think we felt very safe and protected, felt like we were being viewed the way we wanted to be viewed, in terms of the world. So there wasn’t as much to say except, like, look how far we’ve come and it’s getting better, getting even better.”

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