Whoa! We had heard Lana Del Rey would be playing American icon Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, aka Jackie O, in her video for 'National Anthem.' A$AP Rocky, her co-star, who will play Jackie's late husband and assassinated president JFK, spilled the beans. Now, Del Rey tweeted photos from the vid, where she looks like she plays Jackie O and JFK's reported mistress, Marilyn Monroe.

In the first shot -- no pun intended -- Del Rey is imaged as Jackie O in the presidential motorcade on that fateful day in Dallas in November 1963, sitting in a convertible, with her pillbox hat. Her eyes are blocked out by black strips, boasting lyrics from the song. But you can see her reflection in the glossy exterior of the car.

We hope – and that's a really big hope -- that LDR doesn't try to force or court controversy by going "there." And by "there," we mean re-enacting one of the most discussed and life-changing moments in modern American history. We also hope this vid isn't going to be Del Rey's own conspiracy theory of the events, as there are already enough of those. Leave the grassy knoll and book depository alone. Focus on the fashion of the era, Lana, as trivial as that sounds.

The other photo finds the singer in a beaded gown, similar to the one Monroe wore when she famously belted out a sultry rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to the president. She's doing the famous, Del Rey "push my hair out of my eyes with my hand" move, and again, her eyes are blacked out by a lyrical strip.

She (and her stylist) got the looks right, and we're intrigued by where she's going with this. The styling feels authentic. But what about the plot? Therein lies the question mark. But then again, that's a familiar feeling when it comes to LDR.

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