Lana Del Rey has been tryin' not to get into trouble, but she's got a war in her mind -- so she headed over to the long-running BBC talk show 'Later... With Jools Holland' to deliver a live performance of her latest single, 'Ride.'

The title track from her new EP, 'Ride' was a Top 10 hit in Russia and Belgium when it was released in September, and although it hasn't quite caught on over here in the States, it did manage to crack the Top 30 of Billboard's Rock Songs chart -- which is somewhat bizarre, seeing as how it's a swoony, string-laden ballad. But then again, it was produced by rock legend Rick Rubin, so maybe that counts for something.

Anyway, here's Lana in front of a live studio audience, doing her level best to fill the Adele-sized gap in our new music diet -- and while some of the reviews for her previous live performances have been somewhat less than stellar, we think she acquits herself halfway decently here. Or maybe it's just that cute sweater-and-jeans combo blinding us to a few of the less inspired notes? Either way, we're ready to 'Ride' with Lana for the duration of this video, embedded below.

Hear Lana Del Rey perform 'Ride' on 'Later... With Jools Holland'

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