If you tuned into the Grammys broadcast on Sunday, Feb. 10, you likely saw Latin superstar Juanes offering up his incredible version of Elton John's 'Your Song.' Juanes offered a bit of an encore a few days later, performing the song acoustically in Ryan Seacrest's studio this morning (Feb. 13). So if you missed it the first time around, you've got a second chance, and we know those don't always come easy in life.

Juanes is embarking on his massive Loud & Unplugged tour and is currently promoting his new single 'Cumbia Sexy,' so he is quite a busy global superstar.

During his chat with the radio host, he ruminated on the idea of an all-English album in the future. "I guess now I can be more fluid in English," Juanes said. The singer didn't speak a lick of English when he arrived in L.A. over 20 years ago. He's come a long way and has achieved international superstardom. And you never know what's next.

He continued, "I understand more the language, and it’s easier for me. Not to think too much. It’s easier, because when I came to Los Angeles back in 1987, I didn’t speak a word. It was a long journey for me to learn the language."