Singer Prince Royce has made no real secret that he has a crush on Selena Gomez, and now the pair are together! On audio, at least. Gomez and Royce recorded a duet for his new album, 'Sigo Siendo El Mismo' ('I'm Still the Same'), called 'Already Missing You.'

The song describes how hard it is to leave someone you love, even if it's only temporarily. Gomez, who sometimes receives criticism for her flat vocals, sounds fantastic alongside Royce's smooth tone as they serenade one another of the difficulties surrounding long distance relationships.

The pair do have a history, though it's unclear whether there's any real spark. Back in 2011 when it was revealed to Gomez that Royce had a crush on her, she replied, "You know what? Can you tell him that I had his email and my email got hacked, so I had to change my email? I feel really bad that I don’t have his email anymore, so please tell him that I'm sorry and that I think he's really cute too!"

Now that she's not dating Justin Bieber anymore, here's hoping she has his new handle!

Listen to Prince Royce Feat. Selena Gomez, 'Already Missing You'