Looks like Blair Waldorf does have a heart, after all. Former Gossip Girl actress, Leighton Meester, released the music video for her new single 'Heartstrings' today (Oct. 30) and it does a fantastic job at showing fans her vulnerable side. Check it out above!

It's a simple video -- Leighton sings into the camera in a few different settings -- but its simplicity is what makes it such an effective video. There's a real intimacy in the shots, and when paired with the delicate nature of the song, it makes for a revealing video. Despite the song being about losing someone who hurt her, she seems happy throughout the video now that she's realized she doesn't need him. When she sings: "I was fighting for you / Now I'm fine without you" we totally believe her.

Leighton's album 'Heartstrings' was released on iTunes earlier this week (Oct. 27), so make sure you check it out! It's a total departure from the music she released in 2009 -- 'Heartstrings' is a lovely blend of folk, pop and a hint of country and we're totally loving it. We're excited to see what Leighton comes up with next!