Since its 2011 kickoff, Girls has been a proud hotbed of butts, boobs and nudity that would have your church-going grandmother clutching her pearls, but Hannah Horvath's "Basic Instinct" moment on last night's (April 3) episode has left proudly bold show creator Lena Dunham with at least one regret.

Less than a minute into "Hello Kitty," Hannah — who saw her teaching career flashing before her eyes during a scolding from the school's principal — threw caution to the wind and opened her skirt as a cheeky strategy to keep her job. Naturally, it went over disastrously, and Dunham says in the clip above that the envelope-pushing moment marked the first time she's felt truly embarrassed while filming.

"It's the one thing on the show that makes me want to hide under a table," she reflects. "Mostly because I wish that I had a fuller bush. I just think it would look better — the whole thing would work better."

Dunham adds she never thought the moment would make it to air, and that she's still a little stunned over its broadcast.

"Hannah pulling a Basic Instinct is one of the strangest things we've ever written on the show," she notes. "It came out in the writers' room and we kept thinking it would somehow disappear, and then — lo and behold — it was still in the script the day that I had to open my legs on set."

Beyond a touch of mortification, though, Dunham says she's not losing sleep over what's been exposed, and explains Hannah's consequent fight with fellow teacher and boyfriend, Fran, marks an interesting and true-to-life relationship dichotomy.

"[Hannah's] allowed to be the kind of woman who would flash her vagina at someone," she explains. "Maybe those two people have such a radical disagreement about how life is supposed to work aren't supposed to be a couple. For example, if my boyfriend had a problem with me doing this, we wouldn't still be together."

Get more Season 5, Episode 7 insight in the clip above, and tell us what you think about the latest Girls episodes in the comments.

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