We've been hearing about Lena Dunham's upcoming appearance on Scandal for a while now. First we heard her say that the idea of guest starring on Scandal is her"life's great passion." Then we heard that she had actually booked her dream gig. And then we heard (via Complex) how her Scandal wardrobe will differ from what she wears (or doesn't) on Girls — the show airs on network television, after all.

But now we're finally able to actually see a bit of what Lena will do during her a appearance on next week's episode — including that blunt brunette wig. From what we can gather, Lena will play an author who writes a tell-all book that "threatens to take down Washington."

The Girls star dons pigtails and exclaims, "Oh my God, are you Olivia Pope? Am I in trouble?" in the episode's teaser. The gladiators quickly realize they need to shut her down, and Olivia assures Lena's character that she can destroy her. Looks like we're in for a showdown of epic proportions on Thursday night.

The teaser also promises that Lena's appearance will bring "50 shades of scandal." Does this mean we can expect Lena's character to get down and dirty in the sheets?

Whatever happens, we can't wait to see how Lena tackles her dream role — and how that hilarious wig comes into play.

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