One Direction's Liam Payne was spotted getting close and intimate with girlfriend Sophia Smith recently in the South of France.

Oh No They Didn't (via The Sun) posted pictures of the two former schoolmates from Wolverhampton,  England enjoying some sun and fun on a yacht, as Payne takes a break before heading to North America to continue the Where We Are Tour.

In one photo, Payne is seen giving Smith a wedgie as he helps her climb up the platform.

After the photos spread through tabloids, Payne took to Twitter to make a joke.

"Well today I learnt two things one of which I already know," he wrote. "1. I give great wedgies 2. My baby has the cutest little hiney woo"

The photos indicate that Payne and Smith are back together after it was rumored that they had split up in early May. Just weeks later, however, Payne and Smith were spotted holding hands again at a mall.