Rapper Lil Twist is the youngest member of the Young Money Entertainment family who's ready to follow in the footsteps of his mentor and leader, Lil Wayne. In his new video for 'New Money,' Twist and his friend, R&B young'un Mishon, invade an Omega Kappa Phi sorority house full of hot babes.


Sensing that the young ladies are bored out of their minds, Twist texts his homeboys to come over for a house party, and that's when the real fun begins. Now, Twist is 18-years-old, but don't let his young age fool you -- he has plenty of swag as he juggles several different women in the house. Meanwhile, other sorority girls are going wild, eating whip cream from the can, playing spin the bottle and beer pong.

Twizzy is all about having fun in his video, and who can blame him? As a member of Weezy's Young Money crew, he's probably having a ball right now. Proof is in his rhymes when he raps, "New money right here / This is Lil Twist and Mishon's year with no fear / 'Cause we eatin' / Them haters are steady tweakin' / Top of the game / While them suckas steady peakin'."

The clip also features cameos from a few celebrities. The most notable celeb is Weezy, who's hanging out in the kitchen making sure that Twist doesn't get into any trouble since he is underage. If you look closely, you also will spot 'Dancing With the Stars' alum Kyle Massey and Justin Combs, whose father is rap mogul Diddy.

But don't worry, Twist is not drinking at this party! Instead he's causing pillow fights and turning a shy bookworm into a booty-shaking vixen. Yep, Twist has serious game for a young guy. So sit back and enjoy the celebration.

Watch the Lil Twist 'New Money' Video