Rapper Lil Wayne is full of surprises on his new album 'Tha Carter IV.' First, he show us his tender side on 'How to Love,' then disses Jay-Z on 'I'm Good' and then spits memorable one-liners on 'She Will.' So what does Weezy do to top all of that? He somehow finds MIA rapper Shyne (where has he been hiding?) and adds him on one of the best posse tracks we have heard in a long time.

The bombastic song 'Outro' may go down as Wayne's grand achievement on 'Tha Carter IV,' as it features some of the best rhyme-spitters in the rap game. The song is simply phenomenal as each rapper spits more punchlines than a boxer punching on a heavy bag.

Bun B is up first as he solidifies his status as the trillest O.G. from Port Arthur, Texas. "When I step in the spot / M-----------s say, 'who that'? / Big Bun B, but you already knew that / Live from the state where they chop it and screw that / You hatin' on the trill OG, where they do that?" he rhymes.

Nas comes through with lyrics warning fake MCs not to test him because he's a 20-year veteran in the game. He raps, "I'm a king in this thing, don't be dumb / Been in this s--t since '91 / N----s can't f--k with the style I use / Your fate is Seal-ed, no Heidi Klum." Whoa!

Next up is Shyne who hasn't recorded a rap song since he was riding with Diddy as an artist on Bad Boy Records in the late '90s. He sounds a little rusty but his tough talk and hat-tip to Notorious B.I.G. is commendable. He rhymes, "I'm a villain, I'm a villain, all that happens in the streets / Poverty and desperation made me everything I be / I'm a shotta, when I pop up with them poppers burn ya block up / Call the judges, call the coppers, we takin' over Gotham / That's word to Poppa."

Finally, Busta Rhymes dismantles the track with his jaw-dropping, tongue-twisting, rapid fire lyrics. Bussa-Buss raps, "I gotta make it what they want / And wake 'em when I come and shake 'em / And bake 'em and take 'em to another place / Ain’t no fakin’, ain’t no kind of mistakin' / How I be breakin' up everything and be creating a s-s-s-situation when I’m done (Damn!)." You have to hear it to believe it.

Oddly enough, Lil Wayne doesn't appear anywhere on the song, which might leave fans disappointed. We are still scratching our heads and wondering why Tunechi didn't spit any bars on the track. Nevertheless, 'Outro' is a fantastic posse record that will garner repeat listens. Bravo!


Listen to Lil Wayne, 'Outro' Feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes