In case you didn't already know it, here's a reminder that Lin-Manuel Miranda is mad talented.

The Hamilton creator lent his songwriting skills to humorous use when he appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night (Oct. 24).

In a bit called "Freestylin' With the Roots," host Jimmy Fallon asked audience members questions about themselves that the Roots used to create songs.

The first two songs paid homage to fall, Halloween and Bruce Springsteen before Miranda came out for the third tune, about a woman named Olivia who said a Broadway show about her life would be called "The Sassy Life" and Adele would play her. Miranda took those facts and ran with it, putting out a brilliant song that mentioned Adele's wardrobe and featured the brilliant line, "The price is steep as she's 'Rolling in the Deep.'"

Take a look in the video above and see for yourself.

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