Adele's smash hit 'Rolling in the Deep' got yet another makeover recently. The song, which has propelled her massively popular best seller '21,' got the cover treatment by Linkin Park's vocalists Chester Bennington (he's the singer/screamer) and Mike Shinoda (he's the singer/rapper).

Bennington and Shinoda performed the unplugged version for a few fan club members while overseas, and it's quite terrific. It shows fans a whole other side of these rowdy rockers who just so happen to have an artsy side. PopCrush liked witnessing the band in a vulnerable, not-often-seen state.

Bennington is sitting on a chair, with Shinoda playing an acoustic guitar while seated next to him. Bennington is looking down the entire time; it's almost as if he is uncomfortable singing the song, which has a broad and high range. But guess what? Bennington certainly has the chops to hit the high notes. We didn't know he had it in him and we're glad he showed us that side as he hit those bigger notes! We also like the added element of the hand claps towards the end.

Usually when a band covers a song totally outside of their preferred genre, it's either a case of the band tailoring its sound to the other genre or a case of the band twisting the song to suit their own familiar genre. Here, Bennington and Shinoda don't do either. They just perform a universally coverable song in a spare, stripped down fashion.

We wonder what Adele thinks of these consummate rockers having a go at her neo-soul tune. It's not the first time that the song has been tackled by other artists and we're sure it's not the last. Previous cover-ers of 'Rolling in the Deep' include John Legend and Mike Posner, as well as the country collective Little Big Town.

Overall, it's a testament to the strength of the songwriting when artists of all genres can rework a song like 'Rolling in the Deep.'

Watch Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park Cover 'Rolling in the Deep'